FB Messenger Bot Strategies

Messenger Bots

One of the newest and most exciting technologies to be added to your Facebook, social media, and online marketing arsenal.  Using them to move your relationship forward with customers and potential customers by being real and personal is always the best strategy, but if you are lost for thoughts on how to get started, here are a few quick strategies you can implement in order to start building your bot list or leveraging your current bot list more effectively.


The Free Plus Shipping Opt-in Messenger Bot Hack

In this scenario, an ad is run on Facebook offering a very intriguing item, potentially for free.  Think “Who wants a free Ipad????  Comment below.”  As with most Facebook ads, if you use an image, making the image look like it belongs in an organic post will get you the best results, but in this scenario, especially once you get social proof on the post, and image might not be necessary, test away and find out for yourself.

The requested comment triggers a messenger bot response showing the offer is a free plus shipping offer.  If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s the, “Hey get this cool $20 sparkly thing for free, just pay us $19.99 to cover our shipping and handling costs!” type offer you have seen at least once in your life.(As a side note, these aren’t as appealing as they once were, but they still work given the product is appealing, and you can also consider taking a loss on this item to make it extra appealing in order to acquire new customers depending on your business strategy.)

The real trick here is the next part, when the person asks the bot “well how much is shipping?” and in order to calculate shipping, they have to click over to your landing page and put in their address and personal information.  Now you’ve got their contact on messenger, and their contact info in your auto-responder, and even if they don’t purchase, your hook just got you the contact information and an opt-in from someone who is at least somewhat interested in what you are offering if the price is right.  Leverage that new relationship into a new customer and go from there.

A few caveats.  Make sure your landing page is fast, clean, and easy to understand.  If this is an e-commerce transaction, make sure the product is presented very well.  Make sure your landing page meets all of Facebook’s marketing standards(privacy policies, a clear representation of the FB brand etc.)  Test your automations to make sure they all work, there is nothing worse than paying for wasted traffic, especially on a high performing campaign.  And then let it run.  Simple to build and effective.